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4 Tools to Boost the Visibility of Your Cause and Drive Traffic to Your Website

There are thousands of different nonprofit websites out there that advocate for a lot of different causes. As a nonprofit, you may be wondering how to stick out from the crowd and boost the visibility of your website. This is a common issue nonprofit’s face, and we are here to help!

Online visibility doesn’t happen overnight, but these 4 tools can help you speed up the process and bring more traffic to your website so you can advance your cause:

  • Google Ad Grants: The must-have tool for visibility on Google
  • Avaaz and Two great platforms to post your petition online
  • Meetup: Create your online community and network with others


Google Ad Grants 


When you do a search on Google, you may notice the first couple results say “Ad” next to them. This means companies have paid Google through the Google Ad program to appear on your search results.

This type of advertising can be extremely pricy, but lucky for nonprofits, you can enjoy Google Ads for free! 

With the Google Ad Grants program, nonprofits are granted a monthly advertising budget of $10,000 a month. That equals a budget of $329 a day for advertising! 

Using this program is an incredibly effective way to gain visibility not only for your website, but for your cause. Appearing on Google searches will allow you to access potential volunteers, donors, or anyone that wants to know more about your organization and its mission.

If you are interested in learning more about Google Ad Grants for nonprofits, check out our article for more information.




Avaaz is an online activist network that gives everyone an opportunity to publish their petition. With Avaaz, you can launch your own petition on their site and collect signatures. 

Your petition can be displayed on their website, which boasts a whopping 63,469,596 members worldwide! In the United States alone, there are over 2.5 million members.

By becoming a part of such a huge, notably activist community, you have the opportunity to reach a quality audience that can boost your online presence and help spread awareness for your cause. 


change-tool-website-visibility is an alternative to Avaaz that will also allow you to easily create and share petitions. No more afternoons on the street collecting signatures!  

Many organizations use this platform to advance their cause and mobilize new supporters. focuses on victories made through petitions made on their platform, meaning that decision makers have had the opportunity to respond to the petition and take action. They have already achieved over 46,988 victories in 196 countries!

If you are looking for more visibility for your cause and think a petition might be the way to go, we suggest you give a look!




Meetup is a social online platform that was designed to help people come together to join groups and attend in-person or online events based upon shared interests. There are about 35 million meetup users worldwide! 

Nonprofits use this platform to create meetup groups that concentrate on their cause. It is a great way to promote events, network with anyone in your community that may be interested in your cause, and attract traffic to your nonprofit’s website!


Finding new, innovative ways to promote your nonprofit and its cause is crucial in the digital age! We believe that these tools can help you do just that.

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