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3 Tools to Increase Your Nonprofit’s Website Visibility

You’ve created an intuitive website structure, set your website’s goals, and launched your website for your nonprofit organization. In order to reach new donors, volunteers, and members, how do you increase your website visibility?

The next step is to improve your website’s SEO so that your organization appears on search engines! If your organization provides resources and aid, you should also increase visibility to reach people who need your help.

Here are 3 tools that can help you increase your website’s visibility: 

Ready to boost your nonprofit's website? Here we go!

Google Ad Grants: Free Ads for Nonprofits

Did you know that Google offers grants to nonprofits to advertise on Google Search? Google Ad Grants offers up to $10,000 USD each month for text-based ads. 

You can reach more donors, volunteers, and members if they know about your organization. All it takes is verifying your organization’s eligibility, and you can begin to increase your website visibility with this nonprofit resource.

To determine whether Google Ad Grants would be effective for your nonprofit, we have compiled a Google Ad Grants guide for you.

Common_Team_RemiRyan is using Google Ads to look for
donors, volunteers, and members!


Google Search Console: Analyze Your Website Performance

It is important to know how your website visitors find you, which keywords they search for, and where they click on your website.

Google Search Console is a free tool that provides analytics and data about your website performance.

There are a couple factors that affect how your website is positioned on Google Search. You want to appear on the first page when someone searches for keywords matching your organization. 

One way your website would be penalized is if you have links that go to missing pages, or URLs that aren’t linked up to your website structure.

You can set up email alerts for when Google Search Console detects issues with your website pages and URLs. This is helpful because you can immediately tackle the problem, rather than wait for it to impact your website visibility! 


Google PageSpeed Insights

In the United States, approximately 1 in 5 adults use mobile phones for daily internet use. On mobile phones, the load time is affected by whether your website is built to be mobile-friendly, with a “responsive” design so that it adapts to the screen size. 

If your website has images or content that are slowing down pages from loading quickly, your website’s visibility will be affected on search engines. 

You can check the speed of your website with Google PageSpeed Insights. It will flag any issues slowing down the loading speed of your website, and suggest solutions. For example, images that are too large will slow down your pages from loading quickly.

You should check the insights for the mobile version of your website too! It may have a different performance scoring than your desktop website. 


Now that you know about these tools to increase your nonprofit’s website visibility, you can start to tweak your website so that it is the best version to reach your target audience. 

You may also want to read Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide. It’s a great starting point for learning about how to increase your website’s reach. 

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